SEM Images
MBI has developed a proprietary Soft Hydrophobic Acrylic material that incorporates the most desirable UV blocking properties for their yellow and clear PresiSAL Intraocular lenses. Utilizing this base material, a unique family of intraocular lenses has been developed and CE Mark approved.

There is no need changing your implantation technique. MBI offers an easy, controlled implantation with highest quality standard. All MBI intraocular lenses are designed and manufactured in USA. All PreciSAL models demonstrate extremely high stability and safety in the capsular bag.

SEM image of PreciSAL
one piece
SEM image of Sharp Square
Edge to Minimize PCO,
Magnification: 1.000X
click to enlarge

PreciSAL intraocular lenses are currently available in Diopter powers from 0.0 D to 30.0 D for monofocal and 10.0 D to 30.0 D with added +1.0 D to +6.0 D cylinder for toric IOLs.

The PreciSAL family of IOLs is designed to provide:
  • Sharp Square Edge to Minimize PCO
  • Excellent Centration
  • Slow and Controllable Unfolding
  • Flexible for Small Incision
  • Gentle in the Bag Placement
  • Superior Optical Quality

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