PreciSAL results
PreciSAL is available in 0.5 Diopter increments with a manufacturing tolerance of ± 0.25 D, so you can give your patients exactly what their vision needs. In a recent Australian study* the sight of 100 consecutive PreciSAL recipients was tested 3 months after surgery, where 89% of these patients were within 0.5 D of target refraction.

The result is unprecedented.
The patients overjoyed.

* Conducted by Dr. Peter Stewart, Lasersight Maroochydore (2013). Data available on file, MBI Lenses of ± 0.125 D tolerance were used.

Drs. Dosso and Dreifuss, fom Geneva Switzerland, have observed clinically that the mean rotation of their patients’ PreciSAL Toric IOLs is only 1.20 after 30 days.

Dr. Dosso’s mean pre-operative target refraction was -0.80 across his patient profile and the mean post-operative refraction result was -0.87, where 86% of all eyes implanted with PreciSAL Toric IOLs were within 0.5 D of target refraction.
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