Spectral Yellow Lens

Spectral transmittance curve for Yellow Lenses

  • The Spectral light transmittance curve represents a 20D PreciSAL IOL

  • UV cut off at 10%T is 392nm

  • Human lenses data from Boettner and Wolter(1962)
MBI Hydrophobic IOLs (Yellow) are designed and manufactured in USA . The Material of MBI IOLs are developed by MBI and are unique in its properties. MBI preciSAL Hydrophobic yellow IOLs are to provide a violet ray filtering (blue filtering) similar to a young natural crystalline lens in human. In chart you can find the visible transmission spectrum of a PreciSAL 20 Dioptre IOL. The MBI PreciSAL yellow IOL provides additional to the UV filtering also a high energy filtering for short wavelength. This additional feature could provide a better protection of Macula.

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