Available IOL Models

PreciSAL intraocular lenses are available in Diopter powers from 0.0 D to 30.0 D. For more information please click on each model.

Please click here to open MBI brochures as the PDF file.

Info: Overall Length = 13 mm and Optic Diameter = 6 mm

PreciSAL IOL Model Three piece One piece Aspheric Monofocal Toric Clear Yellow Preloaded Haptic Angle
SAL 300A X   X X     X  
SAL 300AC X   X X   X    
SAL 302A   X X X     X  
SAL 302AC   X X X   X    
SAL P302A   X X X     X X
SAL P302AC   X X X   X   X
SAL T302A   X X X X   X  
SAL PT302A   X X X X   X X

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