PreciSAL Clinical Results

Believing is seeing

We believe perfect eyesight is achievable. We believe that 0.5D precision, ± 0.25D tolerance and no glistening will transform people’s vision.

We believe you can experience an unprecedented refractive accuracy. In a clinical study*, the sight of 100 consecutive PreciSAL™ recipients was tested 3 months after surgery. The mean refractive error was ±0.03 Diopter, with 89% of patients within 0.5D of target refraction.

The result is unprecedented. The patients overjoyed.

* Conducted by Dr. Peter Stewart, Lasersight Maroochydore, Australia. Data available on file, MBI.

(Presentation NSW RANZCO, Australia, 2015 by Dr. Stewart)

Data analysis of the predictability of postoperative SE in the range of ±0.5D demonstrated that 86% of the eyes implanted with PreciSAL lenses were within this range.

Further clinical study result from Dr. Dosso and Dr. Dreifuss (Geneva, Switzerland) shows an excellent postoperative refraction. The aim of this study was to evaluate the rotational stability and the postoperative refractive results of the PreciSAL™ monofocal intraocular lens. 

Conclusion: Monofocal PreciSAL™ IOL has an excellent postoperative refractive predictability.

(Publication in ESCRS 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark).